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Where they work. 64 at Lowe's companies, Inc. 60 at Mitchell Community College. 43 at Iredell Memorial Hospital Incorporation. 35 at Iredell Statesville Schools. 22 at Wells Fargo. 22 at Piedmont HealthCare 21 at Food Lion. 21 at Novant Health. 16 at Wake Forest Baptist Health. 11 at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center.
What they do. 749 in Operations. 378 in Healthcare Services. 364 in Sales. 354 in Business Development. 335 in Administrative. 300 in 支持. 242 in Education. 238 in Information Technology. 202 in Engineering. 162 in Community and Social Services.
What they studied. 610 studied business administration and management. 226 studied registered nursing/registered nurse. 213 studied accounting. 153 studied general studies. 110 studied psychology. 108 studied information technology. 107 studied  criminal justice/police science. 96 studied business/commerce. general. 93 studied electrical and electronics engineering. 78 studied human services.
What they are skilled at. 1,861 are skilled at customer service. 1524 are skilled at microsoft office. 1,129 are skilled at Microsoft Excel. 1,073 are skilled at Microsoft Word. 973 are skilled at leadership. 843 are skilled at management. 823 are skilled at microsoft powerpoint. 753 are skilled at sales. 708 are skilled at team building. 648 are skilled at public speaking.
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